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they're speaking with the two persons of a contrastinterest >> live with our top story... >>will this bring closure? no. a spokesperson for the family says they will never have that. but...she says it is comforting to know police are making progress one day after hadiya pendleton was laid to rest. police say two persons of interest are being questioned.
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they were pulled over early this morning near 67th and south chicago. police say mayor rahm emanuel personally called hadiya's parents to share the news. they won't share their thoughts publicly until charges are officially filed. but shatira wilks...hadiya's cousin and the family's spokesperson... shared hers. if there's any truth to this it is comforting to know that one less killer is off the streets possibly. on tuesday hadiya's family will be in washington d-c invited guests for the president's state of the union address. and there's word from the white house... the president will take his policy proposals to the people..with 3 stops including one in chicago on friday where he'll talk about gun violence. some had called on the president to attend hadiya's funeral... but the first lady michelle obama came instead... along with hundreds of dignitaries, relatives and friends.. they packed a southside church to capacity on saturday to say goodbye.
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you don't know how hard this really is. and those of you who sorry. im sorry. hadiya was one of more than 40 people killed in a bloody january in chicago. just a week after performing at events for the president's inauguration... the king college prep student was gunned down in harsh park. her beautiful, smiling face now a symbol of violence and its ugly grasp. her family wants to keep her name alive.. hoping hadiya will spark significant change. i feel that we will actually see a difference. i just feel that. i really do this time. unfortunately she had to die but i feel safe in believing there is hope. 2 men are being questioned... no
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charges filed the yet >> the chicago fire department shut down a south side nightclub and a party overnight after finding over crowding expos the wiring in the other violations. there were called shortly after midnight to south michigan avenue. they found more than 140 people inside were 50 was the posted capacity >> a catastrophe was taking place >> fire officials were alerted
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about a rowdy crowd at a community center a short time later. people were throwing bottles and damaging cars. the citations were issued >> and northwest side woman was killed in a crash on the tri- state tollway overnight it. the 21 year-old lost control for cart. they say her car crashed into the median and flipped over and skidded into an suv. she was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead just before midnight. there were no other injuries >> an illinois d-c-f-s investigation determined two maine west staff members abused and neglected children. it's believed the finding is connected to a hazing scandal involving the boys soccer team at the school. a d-c-f-s spokesman said three allegations of abuse have been substantiated, but they were not named.
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two coaches were suspended without pay and have been named in a lawsuit filed by four student athletes who claim they were sexually assaulted during hazing rituals. a man accused of having sex with an eleven-year-old girl was ordered held without bond today after he allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill her her sister, and mother. cook county sheriff's police say brian thurman asked a fellow inmate with gang connections to get him in touch with a hit man. he called the number the inmate provided, and allegedly offered eight-thousand dollars and his s-u-v. there was no hitman, police say an undercover officer was on the other end of the phone. 70 newly promoted chicago police detectives will report to their new assignments beginning tomorrow. the attended an orientation session today to
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prepare for those new assignments. this is the first class of chicago police detectives to be promoted since 2008 >> one day before early voting begins to replace former congressman jesse jackson, jr. -- two key democrats are throwing their political weight behind the same candidate. former state representative robin kelly picked up endorsements from u.s. representatives bobby rush and danny davis in the special 2nd congressional district democratic primary. they both cited kelly's support for tougher gun laws. kelly is one of 16 democrats in the race. the governor visited a south side church today to make his case for raising the minimum wage in illinois and.... >> there is something wrong if
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someone works 40 hours a week and lives in poverty >> he wants to raise the minimum wage in illinois to $10 an hour . >> i think it is important that working people get peight paid a fair wagpaid a fair wage >> she worries employers will be even more reluctant to hire if this passes >> some people think it will be
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a wage killer... >> it has been very frustrating trying to look for a job... >> she would rather see lawmakers focused on communities like this one were no longer hiring >> chicago's flu season appears to be slowing down. city health officials says we hit our peak about a month ago. fresh flu-tracking data shows a
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general decline in the seasonal virus across the city, state and most parts of the country. during the week ending february second, just three people were hospitalized with flu symptoms in chicago. but officials warn the risk is still out there, saying chicago's flu activity is higher now than it was this same time the last few seasons. a million dollar reward is now being offered in southern california. next, officials have turned up the pressure on a former cop wanted for killing three people. also, gunfire rings out during the middle of mardi gras celebrations on bourbon street in new orleans. and hundreds of thousands of residents in new england are still without power after friday's blizzard. after a rainy day... winds are kicking up.. i will have de tails ahead... break
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people are hurt. the tornado left a trail of damage through the university of southern mississippi campus. the alumni house had windows missing. a school spokesman said no one at the university was injured >> the blizzard that buried the northeastern u.s. has blown out
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to sea. hundreds of thousands still without power and as much as 3 ft. of snow covering some areas. >> mounds of snow... >> there's no where to put the snow >> the president has announced a state of emergency and connecticutin conn... close to 40 in. in some places. early preparation in incorporation of residents is keeping the efforts that dayat bay...
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>> some people are spending the day cleaning up and digging out ... others are sledding... >> a large group in connecticut ... snow ball fight >> gun violence on bourbon street, last weekend of the mardi gras celebration. someone opened fire and as a crowd of people in costumes went down the famous party street in new orleans last night. one of the victims was reported in critical
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condition >> $1 million reward is being offered for information leading to the capture and conviction of a fugitive former police officer accused of killing three people. former l.a. police officer is accused of targeting police officers and their families in retaliation for his firing. he was kicked off the force for filing a false complaints of excessive force against his training officer. >> we would like information that would lead to his capture ... $1 million reward. >> authorities searched for him this weekend about 90 mi. east of l.a. >> changing positions on the
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immigration debate. next, a top republican indicates the party is shifting its stance on the children of illegal immigrants. and later, a look at carnival celebrations going on in brazil this weekend. break hey sis, it's so great to see you. you, too! oh, cloudy glasses. you didn't have to come over! actually, honey i think i did... oh? you did? whoa, ladies, easy. hi. cascade kitchen counselor. we can help avoid this with cascade complete pacs.
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[ washer and dryer sounds ] for the things you can't wash, freshen them with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light fresh scent. febreze, breathe happy. in another battle over the best way to reduce the federal deficit. lawmakers from both parties made the rounds on the sunday talk shows. both sides of the ioc budget cuts scheduled to
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go into effect next month will have a negative impact on the economy >> it was designed as a budget threat not as a budget strategy ... is going to have a dramatic negative impact... >> the senator said more taxes are needed to solve the problem. republican house majority leader said most republicans want to fix the deficit without raising taxes. >> congressmanthe no. 2 republican in the u.s. house and now says he would support granting citizenship to children who are in the u.s. illegally >> they were brought here to no fault of their own >> president obama says
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immigration reform will be a top priority of his second term. a recent gallup poll shows that 72 percent of americans support policies that would have a path toward citizenship or residency for the more than one 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. >> more than a billion people in china and other asian countries welcomed in "the year of the snake". fireworks lit up the midnight sky in beijing, celebrating the lunar new year of 47-10. in china's sichuan province the famous straw dragons--some measuring more than 200 yards long--danced through the streets. in rural china families celebrated by hanging red lanterns and scrolls on doors to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. the lunar new year celebration carried all the way to chicago where professional acrobats brought the traditional lion dance to life. the dance, which started on the sidewalk outside the peninsula hotel and then moved into the lobby, is meant to scare away evil spirits and bring in good fortune.
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the illinois lottery drawing is next... >> jim ramsey will have the forecast... >> coming up on instant replay ... blackhawks... college hoops... first spring training report... atac r
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live illinois lottery drawing... pick 3... 9 6 0 pick 4...
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6 7 2 3 lucky day lotto.. 32 2 12 25 9
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the day... right now... winds are picking up. wind advisory is issued after midnight until 4pm tomorrow. wind gusts... 40 + mph gusts. winds currently at 18 mph. on the radar... snow
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to the west... 16 inches in some places... tornado outbreak in mississippi... weather alerts and advisories... freezing rain advisory in north
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east... local details... tonight... tomorrow... high winds flurries at night. tuesday... 37 degrees. to7 day forecast...7 day forecast... >> still to come... the police officers injured in the light
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at the annual model united nations conference here in chicago this weekend. students
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and alumni of the university of chicago hosted more than 2500 students from more than 100 schools. they debated issues ranging from the arab is really-israeli conflict of global mortality >> a four day festival is in full swing in brazil -- about one-million people are partying in rio de janeiro during the carnival celebration. today is day three. one of the highlights is the samba parade. schools compete in full costume, with some of them having as many as five-thousand members in the parade. there are side shows as well. hundreds of street parties are all over the city. the festival is a huge financial boost for rio de janeiro. it's expected to generate some 665-million dollars. chicago-area native steals the show and the weekend box
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a chicago police officer received a special honor in the south suburbs. the "st. jude knights squirt number-three" youth hockey team dedicated today's game to brian mcvey. officer mcvey was injured last november while responding to a call with two other officers when their car flipped over, swerving to avoid a stopped car. the youth players taped their sticks in "police department blue" and presented mcvey with a team jersey with the number he wore when he was a player on the team. hthat is the news for this
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sunday night... instant replay is coming up next...
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